“JAQUE MATE AL REY” is a sculptural project in progress, which will consist of 21 pieces, whose backgrounds are found in the project “JAQUE MATE AL REY” (engravings). They can be found at the following link. http://marionamas.com/portfolio/jaque-mate-al-rey/?id=59)

As a sculptures, it’s an autobiographical narration. The starting point was, the early and sudden death of my father, using the metaphor of the game of chess to engender the work. At the moment I didn’t know it, but his death would change my life forever. From that moment, given the circumstances and the closest family ties, I would be forced to live and play, conditioned by the rules of a game that would limit my freedom, playing a game in inferior condition.

“Jaque Mate al Rey”, presents, through the metaphor of the chess game, a symbolic reality, which speaks about relationships and family roles, and how a death,  can cause a real war, where power, greed, ambition emerges , jealousy and greed.

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